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Good morning rockers!!!!

As many of you may or may not know, I am a bit of a “1971 Dead fanatic”. I have taken on a slightly ambitious project, documenting all 1971 Dead shows, the end result of which I hope will combine numerous “facts/factoids” about shows with recollections of folks who actually attended Dead shows in 1971.

In order to accomplish this, I need the help of the Dead fan community.

ALL contributions will be properly and specifically credited.

If you attended ANY shows in 1971 and have ANY recollections to share, PLEASE consider participating. Please PM me at dead.net, user name Forensicdoceleven, or email me directly at DocEleven@ yahoo.com for details.

While of course I’m happy to hear from anybody who attended “classic 71 shows” such as Port Chester, Fillmore East, Harding Theater, Felt Forum, etc., I’m particularly interested in hearing from folks who may have attended lesser known, “out of the way” shows, such as:
1/21/71 Davis
1/22/71 Lane Community College
3/5/71 Oakland
4/14/71 Bucknell
4/18/71 Cortland
6/21/71 Chateau d’Herouville
8/4/71 Terminal Island
10/19/71 Northrop Auditorium
11/11/71 Atlanta
11/17/71 Albuquerque

In addition, if ANYBODY out there has “paper ephemera” related to 1971 shows, Please consider participating. I’m looking especially for:
Newspaper/print media articles
Show posters/handbills
Ticket stubs

Thanks in advance to all who participate and contribute!

Rock on,
Doc Gillespie
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Hello Doc,

My first show was Atlanta 11/11/71. I was living in Clearwater, FL and went up with three friends.

The show was only a couple weeks after the death of Duane Allman, which was devestating in my circle.

New Riders, the self contained version, opened and I enjoyed them.

The Dead started and had a few equiptment problems and actually stopped to move the gear upstage a bit.

These were the days when the fire marshall cleared the aisles and stage area so when the Dead started back the FM stopped the shiw when people crashed to the front.

Atlanta's hip community was very radicalized, underground paper called the Great Speckled Bird, the south's version of the Berkeley Barb or Village Voice was widely read.


This issue has a print ad for the concert if scroll down several pages, page 26 or so.

http://digitalcollections.library.gsu.e ... mapsto/pdf

Things got a bit hairy between the freaks and the cops, pushing and shoving kind of thing, Lesh and Garcia scolding the cops from the stage. Chanting "Fuck the pigs" etc. You can hear Sam Cutler on the Archive recording chiding the audience a bit trying to get the show going again. The whole incident was about 15 minutes.

Once the show got going it was grand to say the least. Godcheaux was there but not Pig, who Weir said was at home getting better. Donna not there yet.

My mind was blown, I liked the Dead from the first record on but this night was the handing the torch from ABB to the Dead for me and went a long way towards filling the huge hole Duane Allman's death left in my musical world.

Sorry for the long post but it was nice to reminisce.
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I was at Cortland (4/18/71) and Syracuse (10/27/71).
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As they say, oh well.....................

HOWEVER, if you want a copy of the finished product (probably later this year), I can email it to you. Would need your e-mail to do that, the list is growing already lol....................

Rock on,

 #167635  by lbpesq
I attempted to get into the show at Gaelic Park in the Bronx on 8/26/71. Couldn’t crash the gate, but we hung out outside the fence and could hear pretty well, as I recall.

Bill, tgo