#149276  by Helponway
Can someone please help me understand why the grateful dead anthology has a g# in phils and Bobbies line? It happens in every bar of G. I understand G# is in the key of A, however we are playing mixo so it's flat. Also it's flat in em, a common substitute for g. Anyone have any idea?
 #149277  by Lephty
I don't have the GD Anthology, but really the only way a G# would really make sense (aside from being a flat-out mistake, which is entirely possible) would be as a passing tone between a G and an A.
 #149278  by Helponway
Thank you for your reply! After thinking about this for sometime I finally figured it out I believe. The note prior the the G# is a G natural. An accidental carries through the bar affecting both the note it immediately precedes and any following notes on the same line or space in the measure. It only reverts back to G# if in a different octave.