#148063  by Helponway
If you really take the time to search through the forums you can find some great advice on weirs technique. However it is limited and takes quite sometime to find all of it. Once I believe there was a great post covering many thoughts and advice on weir but I believe it has been taken down.

Anyone want to help contribute to an all bobby technique discussion? Help to get all things on Bobbys wonderful style in one place? I believed there is just as much to study and learn from weir as there is Garcia. Esp chord/scale relationships. Anyone?
 #148070  by strumminsix
Not to discourage more conversation but there have been more than a few threads on this already. I'd suggest searching deeper.

Lots of good info there, and lots of good info from folks who are no longer active on this forum.
 #148111  by hiphippy
They talk about Bob's style in the HBO(?)/Netflix documentary. Also he did an interview for guitar player sometime ago, its worth trying to find. I remember reading it but I can't find it.