#141651  by TI4-1009
Recent releases have included Help>Slip and just today- Stella Blue! Meaty stuff.

No affiliation, just a very satisfied customer.

 #141663  by mgbills
Yup! Awesome. Seth is a great resource to build the fundament of a song, or add licks to something you already know.

Personally I love his insight into Bob's work. My overall comprehension of the larger GD sonic texture has gone up exponentially by studying the GGL stuff.

:-) :-) :-) +++
 #141718  by gr8fulbluz
I have a bunch of his lessons and have done video skype. His video lessons helped me with some jerry lead styles.
I find doing lessons of various style every few years helps me open new doors.
I wanted to work on some finger-picking and he help set me up with the skype video lessons. I need stuff like that to motivate me and keep me from just being in a rut.

good stuff :peas: