#132191  by flyingheelhook
Not sure the title sums this up properly - basically, after years of 'professional' hiatus, I started getting back into trying to get projects together and gig. For years I only played acoustic, solo or in duo/ensembles until last winter I auditioned for an electric ensemble. Although I play some lead, this particular gig was for the 'Bob Weir' role in a GD tribute band, which I embraced because it forced me to start learning Weir's work which I struggled to do for years. For various reasons, that only panned out to me being the backup as they decided to give their original guy a second chance, and after some frustrating attempts at putting together or auditioning for other electric bands (still going for the Weir role), I am sort of resigned to go back to the acoustic mode for the time being, and putting together a solo acoustic project to at least getting out there and playing.

However, I'd like to keep my electric chops (and continue the exploration of Bob Weir material) up to speed and unlike a lot of (most?) guitar players, I don't switch back and forth between the two mediums with ease. Stylistically, I approach my acoustic playing in more of hybrid lead/rhythm mode. For instance, in playing 'Cassidy' solo, I try to incorporate both Garcia and Weir elements while still playing more open/cowboy chords than traversing up the neck. Material-wise, although I lean heavily on the Dead's catalouge, I am looking to incorporate alot of other material that lends itself well for the acoustic approach.

I've tried both increasing the gauge of my electric strings to the same as my acoustic (12's) and most recently going back the other way and putting 11's on my acoustic but I'm still at a real loss on how to approach this other than having to split my limited practice time so that I have to play on both instruments. Of course that's probably the answer but I thought I would toss this out there and see if anyone had any thoughts on something I might be missing.

Thanks in advance.
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Putting together Dead bands can sometimes take time depending on where you live .....
Good luck
Yeah man -electric and acoustic are two diff disciplines IMHO
On a side note - I have been thinking of going the Bob route for a number of reasons .... fun style and my limited vocals fall in his range a bit
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I do a lot of both and I struggle with going back and forth. The more I'm gigging the less of a problem it is. I find I have more issue with switching genre than the type of guitar I'm playing. I just got done doing a theater orchestra pit gig and I was playing acoustic, electric, and ukulele sometimes having to switch in mid song. It wasn't bad since it was all more or less in the same style. When I go a long time without a bluegrass gig I struggle to keep on the front edge of the beat because Dead stuff is pretty lad back and rarely in a hurry. It takes a while to get that sense of urgency back. It's even worse if I have a gypsy jazz gig . . .