#8010  by b weird
Mindbender (Garcia, Lesh)

C__________________________________A If only I could only be less blind
If only I knew what to find,
D__________(C)__________________(A) Everywhere and all of the time--
(A)___________________A It's bending my mind.
Confusion's prince is at my door.
The crown I wear's the one he wore
He's here to bring me down some more--
And bend my mind.
The friendly stranger called my name
He only wants me for his game
But it don't matter, just the same--
I'll bend his mind.
I've waved my flags into the sun
I've fought my wars, and now they're won
And I don't need nobody's gun--
I bent their mind.
If I could only be less blind
If only I knew what to find, Everywhere and all of the time--
It's bending my mind.

 #8011  by b weird
Sorry the song looks funny . I played with it for twenty minutes but I couldn't get it to look right so i said fudge it I'm just gonna submit it. The chords to the left of the first verse are to be played for the first verse. The chords above the second verse were the only chords I could get to stay in the right spot. Well I hope you can make it work. If you have any additions I would love it if you would share them. Peace.

 #8012  by tigerstrat
Try again starting from E minor. Here's the bridge:

Am///|C////|G////|(and the main riff)Em, A/F#, G, A/F#...

 #8036  by tigerstrat
Emin A/F# G A
Bmin D Bmin A
C (desc bass C,B,A,G,F#,)
Emin riff...
 #136551  by rduke512
Based on one of the sets of chords, I think this is probably a better interpretation:

|E-|E-|E-|E-| (Intro > "|||| ---If...|)
|E- / A F#| G / A / | A | A | ("...|on-ly I could | be less blind | | ---if|...)
| G | C / A / | A | A | ("...|on-ly I knew | what to find | | |...)
|B- / D / | B- / A / | C | G | ("...|eve-ry where and |all'of'the time, it's | bending -- my | mind |")

back into the E- vamp, essentially. i alternated using the -'s as beats for the lyrics and / as beats for the chords (sorry if that's confusing, but we can't all be the said prince)