#116401  by Linkslover
 Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:37 pm
I was at that concert and, unfortunately, don't really remember it all that well (not for the reasons you think :-)) because it was so many years ago.

Went to see if I could find it at the archive web-site and it is no longer available for streaming or downloads.

Does anyone have a CD they would be willing/able to send me. I will happily reciprocate with one of the concerts I have:

* Champaign, Feb 20, 1973
* Champaign, Feb 21, 1973 (Nice version of Dark Star on this one)
* St. Louis, September, 1973 (Opened the show with Cold Rain & Snow)
* Des Moines, Mother's Day, 1973 (3 sets including Trucking-Other One-Wharf Rat jam)
* Indianapolis, September, 1973

(Is anyone seeing a pattern here?)

Let me know if you can help me out and I'll send you my info.