#114681  by bluemule
I am learning some songs and thought it'd be fun to jam on some recordings with another player. I record with a MR-8 and can send .wav files or whatever is needed. Thinking I'd play the rhythms and you play whatever you want over it. Idea is to have some fun and learn at the same time. PM me here if interested with a song you'd like to work on together. I have several books and tab. Please keep in mind I'm a hack. Here's a clip with the outro chords of Sugar Mags.

 #114698  by gr8fullfred
Hey I am not sure, but I think there is software that lets you jam in real time over the internet. Like Skype-Jamming. Not sure, but I think something exists.

 #114709  by bluemule
Thanks. I'll look it up. I did read a while ago that there was problems with latency. My skype calls with family certainly are not the greatest. You record at all?
 #116350  by easytoslip
cool idea. so are you plugging in and recording or you have a handheld with a mic? digital or analog? how do you upload that to computer? thanks in advance

edit to add: ah, skype. I forget that technology exists as I've never used it
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 #116355  by tcsned
Sounds cool, I'm up for it too. If we can't find a "real time" way to make it happen some sort of asynchronous recorded option would be cool too. I'd be happy to work on a recorded solution that works for both PC and Mac folks.
 #135264  by Arminius
Hey man! I'll jam back and forth with you. I'm guessing we are in just about the same boat. This sounds like something I would suggest to someone. My email is drurytai@gmail.com if you want to do it via email. If not email, just shoot me a message and we'll figure something out. Assuming this offer still stands...

EDIT: Guess I probably should have read the rest of your post before commenting. I can dig soundcloud, let me know what you want to do...

My soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tai-drury
 #145296  by oceanbear11
Sorry I'm a couple of years late, but I'd be delighted to have a virtual jam if I can figure out what the heck that is!
 #145299  by jkstraw
I am sure this is not the only solution - but I can verify that this one works as we have all dreamed about. Real time jams - ability to record your sessions, share tab and lyric sheets, etc.

Nice thing about this service is it won't let you sign on if your audio isn't up to snuff (i.e. too much latency).

http://www.jamkazam.com I have used it to jam with people up to 2000km (~1200 miles). Users are ranked on latency so you have a good idea of what to expect when joining a session.