#108116  by old man down
 Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:23 am
So I went to YouTube, I think to see some of the micro snippets from GratefulGuitarLessons.com that are free, not intending to buy, just to observe, but I typed it in wrong from memory. I typed in Grateful Dead Lessons and hit search.

Nothing looked typical, but why not see what’s there and take a look.

Ah, a Dire Wolf Solo Lesson. Hmmm, I tried to work out a solo on that a year or two ago, wonder what his take on it is.

Watched the whole thing. Wanted the 1:02 minutes of my life back. :-x

But there was a window on the side that had his Revised Fast lesson. Clicked that.

Now I want an additional 0:28 minutes of my life back. :evil:

There’s another window on the side, a Big River lesson. I used to play Big River years and years ago, maybe I should resurrect it. Click.

There’s this entertaining guy there and he has learned to play the two chorus break from August 13, 1975. He plays the actual recording of Jerry’s break, then slows it down, slows it down again, gives a little theory on what is going on, what makes it so memorable, demonstrates it himself a little, and pitches the sale of his TAB. :hail:

It looked like so much fun slowed down that I broke out a guitar and tried it a little. This will take a LOT of work. Wish I had two lifetimes to live. (Don’t we all when we try learning Jerry?) I listen to it again at the 126 bpm that the Dead performed it at at the beginning of the lesson. Man is it fast. No wonder this guy made this a monument to Jerry. :smile:

A window on the right is a JDarks Big River, what’s that all about? Click.

Darks starts off by mentioning how there are two categories of Jerry’s chops. There are the jams like Playing, Truckin, and The Other One.

And then there is the other category: Big River.

In his opinion Big River is also the Mount Everest of Jerry’s ability. And Darks cites the guy from the previous video as the current standard bearer of Big River attainment. (steeltunes)

Anyway, the date on Darks video is October 2011, and it looks like he’s been busy putting up a few vids of late. So, plenty to see on this day off.

But JDarks also mentions on a newer Crazy Fingers video, and he has an obvious buzz on, a Ballentine Ale buzz :cheers: and who knows what else :D , that there are a lot of Grateful Dead videos coming “out of the woodwork” on YouTube, and I have to agree!

Although hard work by the individual is still mandatory (so enjoyable, really), nonetheless, we are all in a definite Grateful Dead lesson renaissance that never existed when Jerry was alive. These days, anything you want to learn is possible, you just have to pursue it relentlessly. :smile: