#6669  by d-v-s
I haven't been able to find a tab for the song "I'm troubled" that Jerry played on the Almost Accoustic album, as well as another album with David Grisman. Can anybody help me out here?
 #126588  by ctomcak
http://www.classic-country-song-lyrics. ... hords.html here ya go my friend, if you haven't found it by now. this is not jerrys version from almost acoustic, which I was listening to 10 minutes ago and made me want to locate the chords as well, but this is from lester earl and doc Watson and these are the guys jer learned the song from so its pretty much the same. much love and enjoy :-)
 #150346  by tcsned
My bluegrass band, Crossties, was named for the line in that song :D
 #150351  by TI4-1009
And a great line it is.