#103632  by Seth Fleishman
 Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:37 am
thanks gr8fulbluz. I try to keep the chit chat and long winded intros out of it, and just get to the content as fast as possible, without fluff or filler. Benny Goodman was a hell of a player. Just a little something different to inspire creativity and good musicianship.
Glad you enjoyed it.

tennjedi, that's awesome. yeah, horn players have a few advantages. like I mention in the video, they have to breathe. so they phrase well by necessity. they have to stop and take a breath! guitar players can get diarhea of the fingers sometimes and lose sight of that. horn players also have to think about the actual notes. they don't use patterns and shapes the way a guitar player does. so in some ways that makes them more likely to have command of basic music theory, how each note will sound, what it's role is in the solo. they also have a lot of sustain. AND, they can make huge intervallic leaps that are tougher on guitar. a lot of advantages.

All that said, I will always like the SOUND of stringed instruments better than horns, but there is much to be learned from listening to horn/wind players. Check out Lester Young at 1:15 of Ad Lib Blues with Benny Goodman Septet. 1940. SICK lick. I think you hear an audible reaction to his opening lick. like WOW.