#100799  by helio
A huge thanks for posting that interview. Loved reading it. Very interesting stuff. I'm a big Phish/Trey fan, so I'm biased, but it's really interesting to hear more about the techniques and approaches he and the band have used over the years to improve their improvisational playing.

Also fun to read more about their non-set list approach. I've seen several shows over the last couple years, and at some shows thought maybe they were using a set list, but usually could see the pick-a-song-on-the-spot communication they do... as he talks about in the article. Amazing that they can pull that off so well.
 #101240  by tiffcheese
I wanna meet with Anastasio in New York at Soho House for a conversation over soup.
regardless, thanks for the link, look forward to a good read after I get some rest :thewave:
 #124349  by tigerstrat
"The musicians are there to get their goddamn hands off of it."