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 Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:34 am
A guitar customer requested a demo of a Scott Walker NL-13 deep body acoustic guitar that I have in stock ... he mentioned liking the Dead, so I did a quick take on Friend of the Devil for him.

Two acoustic parts, panned left and right. Neumann KM-84 pencil condenser mic. Vocals on a Flea Vintage 47.
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 Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:14 am
Thanks for the kind words. I've alway loved how those two acoustic parts mesh together on that tune.

If you've never heard the story behind that song, David Nelson and Marmaduke were sitting around with Garcia and Hunter. Hunter had the melody for the scale on the verse, and Marmaduke, said, okay, you can do that twice, but you need somewhere to go. He came up with the chords on the chorus. Hunter had originally written "Looks like water, tastes like wine, run like the demon from the thousand swine" but then he came up with "Set out running ..." Then Garcia said, this is good but we need a bridge, and Hunter came up with the "got two reasons" part on the spot. Magic.
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 Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:19 am
Hunter's online journal entry of February 23, 2006, gave his recollections of the origins of the song:

Buddy Cage called last night and we had a good rave about plans to revive the Riders. He doesn't want to call it a reunion since, as he pointed out, half the guys are dead. He wants to call it a renaissance. Why not?

I was just remembering how Friend of the Devil got written. First off I wrote these four verses one afternoon back in 1969.


I was living in Madrone canyon with the Garcias. The NRPS had asked me if I wanted to play bass with them and it seemed like a good idea at the time. So I worked up that song on bass, added a few verses plus a chorus and went over to where David Nelson and John Dawson were living in Kentfield and taught them the tune. The "Sweet Anne Marie" verse which was later to become a bridge was only one of the verses, not yet a bridge. The chorus went:

I set out running but I take my time
It looks like water but it tastes like wine
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep tonight.

I'd changed the fourth verse, about parlaying the twenty dollars into five thousand and, except for the all important Friend of the Devil hook, the lyrics were pretty much as they stand today minus a fifth verse which goes:

You can borrow from the Devil
You can borrow from a friend
But the Devil give you twenty
When your friend got only ten

We all went down to the kitchen to have espresso made in Dawson's new machine. We got to talking about the tune and John said the verses were nifty except for "it looks like water but it tastes like wine" which I had to admit fell flat. Suddenly Dawson's eyes lit up and he crowed "How about "a friend of the devil is a friend of mine." Bingo, not only the right line but a memorable title as well!

We ran back upstairs to Nelson's room and recorded the tune. I took the tape home and left it on the kitchen table. Next morning I heard earlybird Garcia (who hadn't been at the rehearsal - had a gig, you know) wanging away something familiar sounding on the peddle steel. Danged if it wasn't "Friend of the Devil." With a dandy bridge on the "sweet Anne Marie" verse. He was not in the least apologetic about it. He'd played the tape, liked it, and faster than you can say dog my cats it was in the Grateful Dead repertoire.

Although I learned all the tunes, I never did play a gig with the NRPS, who were doing strictly club dates at the time. For one reason or another I never quite fathomed, though I have my suspicions, I got shut out. Either that or I misread the signs and wasn't inclined to push. Nothing was ever said. In any event, a fellow named Dave Torbert showed up about that time. Just as well. One dedicated songwriter in the band was enough.

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 Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:37 am
Fascinating. In "Dark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia" Nelson said he still has (or had) the paper Hunter was scribbling on with the crossed out swine lyrics. It has that extra verse on there, too. I imagine that would be fairly valuable.