Place for the rest of the music
 #173397  by Jon S.
Your band? Assuming yes, which is you?
 #173398  by Tele in the Valley
Yep, that is my band at our debut performance at a brewery. I'm playing guitar. Bo, the guy playing bass, wrote this song. We are a mostly original instrumental rock band in Harrisonburg, Va
 #173400  by Jon S.
I'm hearing some Dickey Betts in your phrasing. Accurate?
 #173403  by Tele in the Valley
He is definitely a big influence. The key to this one changes many times so I am mostly trying to connect common tones between the keys so I am slipping around a bit.
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 #173404  by Jon S.
Everyone digs a little Betts. :rockon:

Glad I banished the old Covid beard though. :lol:

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