Place for the rest of the music
 #166179  by tcsned
 Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:29 pm
We played this cool campground in the middle of the Jefferson National Forest over Labor Day weekend. This is our second year playing this place. Last year, when I pulled in I was sure I was in the Bob's Country Bunker scene from the Blues Brothers movie. The people turned out to be super cool and we had a blast. The event was completely sold out this year. It's a beautiful spot with a cool swimming hole that you can see in the background of the first video. I'm using a different profile on my Kemper. It's a profile of a 50s Bell & Howell Film-o-sound amplifier from a movie projector. It was profiled with a JBL D120 speaker so I figured I'd see how it worked for Dead stuff. I liked it. We also got to play with our old bassist, Steve "Slash" Hunt and it's always fun to play with him.

Here's a soundcheck tune. It seemed fitting for the location:

Here's Cumberland Blues with a little Old Joe Clark in the third break

Bird Song/Other One with some lap steel in the second break in Bird Song:
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