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Beautiful Note girl team brief introduction
In the years of music altar ,hundreds of flowers come into bloom at the same time ,tradition and modern music ?s combine is more and more be loved by more people.
Beautiful Note girl team in the world music altar different army suddenly rise in the year of 2005.If not seeing their performance by yourself .Maybe you can hardly fancy their insane and fervor on the stage .A new sense and power are changing more and more person. Beautiful Note girl team are concerned by international media from the beginning construct .After china new folk song classics music meeting success performanced on the WeiYeNa palace golden hall in the year 2006.In succession accept Singapore Indonesia HongKong and other places?s ardent invite and successfully hold tour special performance concert.Gain the locality and overseas? high appraise. Beautiful Note girl team has been accepted by sea inside and outside. Many media has call Beautiful Note girl team as china instrumented music history ?the most cool actual strength group girl team? .
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BeiJing XuanWuLaJiao culture disseminate limited company:
Beautiful Note girl team :
Address:west straight door north main street 32 FengLan International A106 room
: HaiDian district BeiJing China.
(ZIP): 100088
(if needed:please call us at BeiJing time(10:00--17:00))
(Cell Phone):13911323878 13366220581
  (Homepage) http://www.mlyfnzyt.com
  Email: qwpw@vip.sina.com


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?the most cool actual strength group girl team?
hella sweet :P

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LOL! You can't beat that. Just try!

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...its only fractured - just a little nervous from the fall.