#85848  by Leftyprs
 Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:19 pm
I am having a lefty "Wolf" guitar built for me by Matt Moriarty of Moriarty Guitars. (http://www.moriartyguitars.com) This is going to be an exact replica of Garcia's "Wolf" that he played from '73-'79. Moriarty has built the best replicas of the "Wolf" and the "Tiger" I have ever seen. Matt is VERY specific about every detail that goes into his replicas. Those of you that are Garcia fans know how cool this guitar was. I plan on keeping this thread up to date throughout the build process.

Below is a picture of the quilted maple top and back with the core of the body being purple heart.


Here is a picture of the maple and purple heart neck waiting to be set in the body.

 #85872  by jackr
 Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:51 pm
well it wont be an "exact" replica....

You are a lefty!!! Anyway, that is awesome keep the pics coming as you get them.
 #86761  by Grant
 Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:31 pm
nice one lefty, ill be very keen to see this progress. ive been in contact with matt recently, he's a top guy.

what pickups/ electronics configuration are you going for? late 70s style i assume?
 #86935  by pvdr-2008
 Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:25 pm
That is a fine looking lefty wolf. If you get a chance , go to Rusch Guitars website, and click Garcia Tribute Guitars. My righty wolf will be in the post this week. Robert is really a fine guy. We've been working on this adaptation since April. I've been working on it in my mind since I first saw the guitar my 2nd year at UC Santa Barbara in 1973. My wolf is an 11lb. beast. Same pickup set up/no effects loop/coil splitters,booster, master volume. I am new to this or any other site. I was trying to die before learning how to use a computer, but at least there are deadheads out there. Going to see Further in SB on Monday night/my first show since before Jerry passed on. Anyone remember the Winterland shows in "74? 4 nights a week for 12 months, saw everyone. Those were fun times....I think so anyway
 #94762  by jaybird1
 Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:02 pm
From one lefty to another where is the Guitar? I would be very curious to see this in
the building stages, I would love to own a Wolf lefty custom!
Please update this link w/ more pictures.