#125385  by Shipofools
Always wanted a Gibson, need to settle for an epiphone. Thinking about joe pass signature, casino, or es 335. Anyone play any or offer advice? Of course I'll be playing some blues, Dylan, and a lot of GD. Looking for the Weir rhythm....
 #125389  by brbadg
I just bought the Epiphone Es 339.It has a smaller body than those you mentioned.It fits me like a glove, and it definitely has that Weir sound I'm looking for.I can go from clean and crisp to warm very easily.I couldn't be happier.I got mine from Sweetwater,and they set them up before they send.I wanted a Casino,but that big body is too much form me.There's a bunch of clips on you tube.
 #126692  by Ddavis510
I bought an epiphone 'dot' and upgraded the pots, caps, and pickups. There is something liberating about only having 300 bucks in a guitar. I'm not walking around uptight all night.