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Ever heard of the Valeton Katfish?

I'm relatively new around here, but I've been playing since the Beatles came out, and saw the Dead 200 times or so, going back to Pigpen. I've been active in the Alembic Club forum for many years. I play mostly rhythm, but take an occasional lead and really enjoy playing a "second lead" during improvised sections. So most of the time I'm playing without pedals, but I like the option of having different sounds at my disposal. I also have been downsizing my rig which has included putting together a small grab 'n go pedal board employing mostly micro/mini size pedals. With that background, I thought I'd share my experience with envelope filters.

I have an original Mutron III, but it takes up way too much real estate. I tried the Tru Tron, but it was still quite large, so that got sold. Then I picked up one of the MuFx Micro-Tron IIIs when Mike Biegel came out with them a year or two ago. It sounded great, but was still quite large for my "mini board". I've also used the EHX Micro Q-Tron which sounded very good but is somethat misnomered as "micro". I then tried a bunch of mini envelope filters and discovered the Valeton Katfish. I thought I'd post this as I have found little info on this cool little cheap pedal.

With control of four separte parameters, Sensitivity, Frequency, Resonance, and Decay, the pedal can be tweaked to get quite a convincible Garcia tone. And it can be found a various places on line in the $30-$40 range!

You may see the Katfish advertised as an "auto wah". It isn't. It is a true filter like the Mutrons, etc.

Bill, tgo
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