#960  by Dylanfan
 Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:26 pm
Can anyone tell me if Bob Dylan wrote his own music? I have a very anoying person in my life who tells me J.J Cale wrote much of Dylans stuff and, honestly, it hurts to entertain the thought. Someone please tell me the truth and substantiate your claim with resources please.


 #968  by gr8fulbluz
 Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:30 am
That is funny i always thought of Bob D as the singer-songwriter type of artist vagabond Troubadour thingy :wink:

Stuff like >>all along the watchtower<< he wrote and a lot of people covered later like Jimi H and the GD

i think there are a bunch of sites that list Bob's stuff like this one here...> http://www.slopbucket.com/bob/tbob/index.html

Lynyrd skynyrd covered a lot of JJ stuff, like >>call me the breeze<<., looky here.......... :arrow:
there may have been some collaboration, but how much i dont know, but Bob D wrote a lot of music :shock:

Good luck!

 #1214  by gratefulDev
 Sat Oct 30, 2004 12:10 am
This topic may be dead, but I just had to throw in my $0.02...your annoying person is unbelievably wrong. Or joking. :shock: Or you are joking.

Dylan is probably the quintessential songwriter's songwriter....perhaps there was a collaboration with Cale, but I'm not aware of it. Dylan did co-write a little bit, with Jacques Levy and even Robert Hunter (from the Dead), but the vast majority of his huge output was written by himself, words and music both.

As gr8fulbluz suggests, Dylan is known for writing songs that other people then covered (the Byrds and the Dead being notable among them). Not the other way around.

:lol: :smile: :wink:
 #1537  by dhausermann
 Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:08 am
I was there too. To reply to your question, I remeber that Joan Armatrading was no. 1 act, a discovery for me at the time, and I am not 100% sure, but I think that Dire Straits were no. 2 act. Also a discovery for me. By the way, I am seeing Bob again tonight in Chicago, first time since Blackbush... Hence the search for memories which led to this reply.