#159408  by ToddlyMann
 Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:42 pm
Bobby and the Midnites 6/14/82 Garden Pier, Atlantic City, N

Hi folks,
I'd just moved back from London and was working tending bar in Philly when, because of my comically huge size and generally cheerful demeanor, I was asked to fill in security for the Bobby and the Midnites show in Atlantic City. They put me in a fenced off area center stage that was supposed to keep the audience back 15 or 20 feet from the stage, but as soon as it looked like they were about to go on, I was completely crushed back and against the stage by wild eyed, lust filled Bobby soxers. Having last seen the Dead at Watkins Glen as a happily stoned 15 year old, I had no idea Bob was at that point a teen scream idol, but a few hundred kids sure thought that, and it was both frightening and goddam funny. There was, of course, no way to keep any sort of order in the way the promoters thought 'order' should be, so I surrendered to the kookiness of it and got paid well for making sure nobody got violent while I was being violently crushed to death.
So here is the question... Does anyone know of any photos of the show? Bobby was so close behind me I could've spit a seed in his eye. The stage was not crazy high, and I'm crazy tall, so if there are pics of Bob, then there are likely pics of me.
Any thoughts? I really want to show my kids what their wild punk rock daddy looked like in 82, though again, the pics would likely show me terrified while girls, incongruously to how one typically thinks of the Dead, clawing the air with wild abandon all around me.