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About 10 years ago we did a show in South Bridge Mass with some members of Ratdog and the Dead and we thought this video had been lost. We had 2 songs from it and that was it and then we lost those as well. Recently I was able to track down someone who said they had the 2nd set and today i was able to get the video. He was kind enough to upload it to youtube. Im not trying to toot my own horn here, but this is a Dead msg board and members of the band performed and some of you were there. Thought itd be nice to share here.

But here it is after 10+ years !


T.C. - Keys
Scott Guberman - Keys and Vocals
Donna Jean - Vocals
Mark Karan - Guitar and Vocals
Kenny Brooks - Sax and Vocals
Kathy Berger - Vocals
Tim Alan Morse - Bass
Keith Laurdi - Drums
Walt B - Guitar and Vocals

I hope im not missing anyone who performed with us.

As i said this is the 2nd set.

01. Promised Land
02. Money For Gasoline
03. New Minglewood Blues
04. Franklin's Tower
05. Sugar Magnolia
06. Not Fade Away >
07. Drums >
08. Space >
09. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
10. Aiko Aiko
11. Not Fade Away
12. We Bid You Goodnight

-Walt B
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That night I was using a 1974 Twin Reverb with Utah speakers and Mark Karan was using my 68 BF twin into 2x12 with JBL e-120's. Im using a G&L 1993 Legacy (3 bolt) stock. Id have to go back and look at pictures to see what was exactly on my pedal board.

But off the top of my head
MXR (large 70s) delay
MXR Dist + (70s script)
Blues Driver
BBE SOnic max
BBE Boosta

I think thats about it for gear, i cant remember what Mark was using but i have pictures somewhere ill dig up.
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