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About 10 years ago we did a show in South Bridge Mass with some members of Ratdog and the Dead and we thought this video had been lost. We had 2 songs from it and that was it and then we lost those as well. Recently I was able to track down someone who said they had the 2nd set and today i was able to get the video. He was kind enough to upload it to youtube. Im not trying to toot my own horn here, but this is a Dead msg board and members of the band performed and some of you were there. Thought itd be nice to share here.

But here it is after 10+ years !


T.C. - Keys
Scott Guberman - Keys and Vocals
Donna Jean - Vocals
Mark Karan - Guitar and Vocals
Kenny Brooks - Sax and Vocals
Kathy Berger - Vocals
Tim Alan Morse - Bass
Keith Laurdi - Drums
Walt B - Guitar and Vocals

I hope im not missing anyone who performed with us.

As i said this is the 2nd set.

01. Promised Land
02. Money For Gasoline
03. New Minglewood Blues
04. Franklin's Tower
05. Sugar Magnolia
06. Not Fade Away >
07. Drums >
08. Space >
09. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
10. Aiko Aiko
11. Not Fade Away
12. We Bid You Goodnight

-Walt B