#172029  by lbpesq
I just read that Martin Scorsese will be directing a movie about the Dead starring Jonah Hill as Jerry. The mind reels! Supposedly, Phil, Bobby, Billy, Mickey and Trixie Garcia are among the executive producers. Strap in, this could be a bumpy ride!

Bill, tgo
 #172052  by strumminsix
I mean, biopic seems to be hollywood's darling genre these days...

Personally, think MS injects more of himself into his biopics than needed. From Last Waltz to Harrison Materialistic World...

I cannot watch Last Waltz. No need to watch MS crush all over RR for a couple hours. LOL

Hopefully JG and the GD get treated a bit more honestly...
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 #172327  by KHotchkin
I hope they find an interesting story to tell with it -- not just a biopic. Supposedly it takes place during Europe '72, I think? So that's interesting, great time period, but what are they doing with it?

And I guess it was Jonah Hill's idea. Pitching yourself to play Jerry in a movie is so audacious, pressure will be on him. It'll be interesting to see, that's for sure. I wonder if he's taking lessons or intends to actually play guitar in the movie? :|
 #172329  by Jon S.
Even if the new Jerry biopic is to Jerry's actual life like the LOTR movies were to the books (many accuracies accompanied by some significant inaccuracies), a positive outcome will still be to turn a significant number of folks not otherwise versant in the Dead onto the music. Then they can take it themselves from there and that'll be a good thing!
 #172333  by KHotchkin
Yes, it is always nice to see the Grateful Dead being revitalized in the culture. If they find a good narrative to tell, with Scorsese as director, it could be a downright fantastic movie. Hoping for the best. Grateful Dead Academy Award show? :lol:
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