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Two related topics-

So I've had the Greyfolded CDs for many years now. I always "ass"umed that the title was just an esoteric reference to "heads" and cerebral Dark Star-type music. Until a few weeks ago when I was absentmindedly running the title in my head while working on something else and it clicked that it was a "double entendre" on the name of the band. Duh....

Which leads to:

If Jer ever came back and sat down in the room with me and said "I only got time for one song kid, what do you wanna hear?" without hesitation I'd ask for Peggy-O. Yes, it's a nice cover of an old classic folk song, which is very Jerry, but the solos that he played in that song almost always bring tears to my eyes. For me it's about the most perfect crystallization of what I love most about his playing- very melodic, heartfelt, emotional, tender to brash, lyrical, dancing on the strings, using positions here, there, everywhere, and more. For me it's in the Stella Blue/Black Peter/China Doll camp which is (again- for me) the best of the best.

Last night I ran into this:

This guy went through the trouble of seamlessly stringing together about 15 of Jer's best Peggy-O solos from '77. 31 minutes. Holy Crap. I was blown away. Crying like a baby. I was floored, devastated. Still haven't fully recovered.
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Very cool! I recall mentally unlocking a key Jerryism with the song Peggy-O.
- first round of the solo, play the melody
- second round of the solo, play with the melody
- second round of the solo, play against the melody
- fourth round of the solo, play anything but the melody

I've exaggerated for illustrative purposes, but think you get what i'm saying...
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