Talk about the recent Tours
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I just got both SF shows and 1 night in LA...…got lucky on good seats good prices

resales are already double or more what I paid for...…..within 30 minutes of when I got mine...…..some of my friends got shut out in 20 minutes

I hate to say it but I would venture a guess that Billy's health had something to do with it being the Final Countdown.....maybe I'm wrong

Bobby will probably keep going with Wolf Bros and the Wolfpack...….I'm catching them at the Warfield in San Francisco for 3 nights this weekend

I wonder what all the Dead and Co haters will have to talk about now

:musicsmile: :musicsmile: :musicsmile:
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What a joke. I finally got through for SPAC and the cheapest of the few seats left were over $200- some WELL over.

"Thank you- and stay in touch..." :lol:

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heads up :musicsmile: :musicsmile: :musicsmile:
just added extra dates for different cities if anyone is interested
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Here's the oldest Dead ticket that I've saved:

 #173777  by lbpesq
Here’s my oldest that I saved. One of several times that year that I got to hear The Wall. The Riders cancelled. Instead, we were treated to one of the handful of performances by the Great American String Band which included Jerry on banjo, David Grisman, Richard Greene, and Taj Mahal on bass.

Bill, tgo
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Here's my oldest.

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hotasaPistol wrote: Mon Oct 24, 2022 1:46 pm That Santa Barbara show was my first Dead show :musicsmile: :musicsmile: :musicsmile:

Remember how hot it was! I was glad when they spritzed the audience down with hoses.

Bill, tgo
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after the show we drove to the beach and all 6 of us jumped in the ocean in various stages of undress.....mostly naked......what a day to get on the bus...... :musicsmile: :musicsmile: :musicsmile:
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TI4-1009 wrote: Sun Oct 23, 2022 7:36 pm Here's the oldest Dead ticket that I've saved:

Inflation calculator says $7.50 in 1978 dollars would equal $34.28 in 2022 dollars. I didn't see any "Final Tour" tickets in that range. :roll:

Someone's getting rich and it ain't me.