#1250  by captain_trip_420
for those who are too lazy to figure it out, here is the G G# A
on the G string.


 #2101  by DireWolf420
:? thank u so much i would never have figured that out! :?

 #5756  by BlobWeird
Lol did you really feel the need to clear that up for people?
 #21456  by Built2Last
jerry is playing f major scale right? anybody have a few riffs or tabs to get this going?

 #21475  by lostsailor8782
I can't even understand how anybody would even want to play this song .... Check out the Alpine 89 video, total energy from the LTGTR Stranger double opener and then Jerry drops the ultimate buzz kill ... Built To Last ..... if your playing for a living I wouldn't drop that one on an audience ...
 #21485  by Built2Last
ok thanks! awesome. anyone else?

 #21491  by BlobWeird
never played this one before but it looks to be G. I have no idea though. Ill try it next time I jam though. And I happen to like this one. Especially his horn-like solo on the album version