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 #95229  by hogan
Fuckin' Eh. Top shelf. Now I never want to hear you about you leaving guitars in cars again. Do you hear me, young man?!!!
 #95230  by jackr
THat is fantastic news. Let us know what kind of shape it's in.
 #95231  by drkstrcrashes
so, my friend thinks that the guy who called me was involved with the theft and says that I SHOULD NOT give him the $500 reward I posted and offered on my flickr site. The dude did not seem interested much in the reward, thinking about it, I guess he did mention it.... First I told him I would give him $100. He did not argue with that, then I said $200, then I looked at my photo-site where it said $1,000 reward for amp and guitar and saw that yes, I did offer $1,000 "no questions asked". Though, he did not really seem eager for the reward. What do you guys think? He seemed really happy that he could give me the guitar back, though he did mention that he was sitting there with his "hopefully soon to be wife".....
Do I give the guy $500, or do I listen to my friend and give him $100 (at the most)? He gave me his phone # and address, etc. My gut feeling was that he was being truthful. But I am gullable, and now I m not sure. What's the consciencious?
(some good news for once either way....)
 #95232  by drkstrcrashes
Never ever ever EVER... Not for one minute unattended Mike! I have learned my lesson the hard way. The guitar and amp were left out there right in front of our condo (in my defence, "sigh) for about one hour. But, yea, that's all it takes....
 #95239  by Bear62
Awesome. Don't think twice it's alright. If you feel it is right $500 is ok. Take someone w/ you and even let the authorities know what you are doing. Never hurts to be safe and careful my friend. John, I got the chills just seeing this post! peace, Gregg
 #95241  by Chuckles
Awesome good news that you're getting your baby back. I'm sooo happy for you!

If you've got doubts about giving the guy the reward, maybe you could suggest you do something good with it... like donate it to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Japan under both of your names? If he had anything to do with the theft or not, he doesn't profit and if he's a good soul he should agree...
 #95242  by Grant
Very good news

I think if you posted a no questions asked reward then you should stay true to that -
even if the guy that called you is in fact the thief, I'd just pay it and put it behind me

that's my $0.02
 #95245  by jackr
By saying no questioned asked you are intimating that even if the thief returned it you would pay. So to me you are bound by your word to pay.
He may be a thief but you are honorable as sucky as that may be.

I love the idea of donating it in both your names. And since you filed a police report initially you will have to let them know the details of its retune.
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 #95249  by drkstrcrashes
My gut is telling me to pay the guy. I gree with you jackr. In fact, this person being the thief never crossed my mind once until I went into my best friend's work and gave him the joyous news. When I told him the story, he immediately told me, "don't you dare py this guy more than $100. You will be acting like a door matt... and if this guy is able bodied, I'm sure he must have had something to do with it", I told him about my "no questions asked" rewaard post, and he told me to tell the guy, That was last month, this month it's $100.
That does not seem right to me. I live in a town called Evanston. The guy told me that he works for a bus company that sends busses as far as Evanston... as we talkeed and made small talk. But why would he say this if he was involved?
I will show up with the $500 (he could have asked for $1,000, but in fact, I was the one who brought up the reward. I knew he found me on flicckr and I knew it said $1,000 reward.) and play it by ear. I think I am going to pay the scratch. I like to stay a man of my word.
Picking it up at 2:30 today. Bringing it home, plugging in and turning up LOUD! Who wants to jam?
-Peace, Thanks all....
 #95252  by jdsmodulus
Congrats on the guitar coming home! I am so happy for you! I have no opinion on the reward. Karma takes over here for me. You remained calm through this whole ordeal. That in itself is amazing! Things are right in universe! Post a pic of the guitar at home!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:
 #95256  by drkstrcrashes
YES! MY FRIEND! Now let's put this thing to use!!! Plug it through my "new" Twin reverb and let her sing. Put her on cruise control. Keep in touch. Photos to Phollow...