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 #89688  by drkstrcrashes
Hello- anyone in/around the north chicago area and suburbs, please keep an open eye for one very unique guitar. It is an exact replica of Jerry's Wolf [ ] and it was stolen last night, November17th most likely in Evanston, IL. Along with a dead mint 1969 Twin Reverb. As well as being only a few of it's kind it has [d] a metal plaque with my name and the serial # (Ruklick 05) on the back of the head of the guitar.
Obviously it's not guitar that will blend in to the crowd, so if anyone hears of it or sees it anywhere, please contact me direct (John- 708-446-0127) (or Or the Evanston police department (847)-866-5000.
I am truly not interested in revenge or justice. I just want my prized guitar back. I would offer a reward of some kind- up to $1,000 or something like a Mutron III or Octave divider? I would not even be able to play such a guitar if I knew it was stolen, so maybe there is hope.
Thanks in advance for any help, etc...
 #89690  by tigerstrat
OMG John.

I cannot imagine you not recovering that guitar, but it could take some time, like weeks or months. Hang tight, bro. Gimme a call if you want to vent.
 #89692  by Tennessee Jedi
Thats gotta hurt man
Tough break ... feel for ya
I'm sure you are hitting up every pawn shop you can ....
Good luck I hope you get it back soon
 #89693  by paulinnc

Please tell us you have insurance for all that awesome gear of yours. I know it is not about the money and getting the gear back is top priority but I hope you have some sort of protection against this sort of thing. Do you have any idea who might have taken it? Have you posted this on any other forums?
 #89695  by jdsmodulus
Sorry to hear this Ruk...this is very lame indeed! whom ever has that guitar had better not try to gig with it! I guess they didn't know what they were taking! Im in the midwest still so I will be on the lookout!

Ruk call me or hit me up on FB. Again sorry man!
 #89701  by CoolBreeze
Guitar thieves are the worst- very sorry to hear about it.

Something like that can't stay under the radar- and if it pops up anywhere at all- the folks on this board will be on it in a heartbeat!

Everyone's looking out for ya!
 #89707  by rkubik
I hope the justice will be swift when they catch this guy. If only we were allowed to cut peoples hands off for shit like this. Good luck keep us posted.
 #89711  by myoung6923
Good god... so sorry to hear that...

It's gotta be a tough guitar to get rid of though - hopefully there's a very good chance of recovering it.
 #89715  by gr8fullfred
Hey John,

Sorry to hear about the theft of your wonderful Wolf! Here are some suggestions and they are only that, suggestions.
1)if there are pawn shops in your area (or your state, seems some states have lots of them other states not so many) go to as many as possible with a pic of your wolf that maybe you can leave them. Ask them to keep an eye out for it and offer them a reward for helping you retrieve it. Ask them if they have recently acquired any guitars that are not yet on display, because they might have to hold them in the back room for thirty days or something.
2) Same with the music stores in your area, sometimes you can post an ad with a pic and reward.
3)Watch CL in your area (and surrounding areas) as best you can and of course ask your friends to do the same (same with Ebay)
4)Chances are (hopefully) it will show up, as most players don't go around stealing guitars. Be patient.
5)Visualize your Wolf being returned to you. Especially every night before going to bed.
6)Ok this one might seem a little out there, but I think it can and does work: Again every night before going to bed while you are visualizing the return of Wolf concentrate really hard and say some affirmation such as " Being a good a righteous person I ask that the power of the Universe help me and my brothers and sisters in locating and returning my Wolf guitar to me" (just an example you can create your own) Additionally it cant hurt if all of us do the same.
7)Despite your loss, do something nice for someone every day with no expectation of getting anything in return.
8 )Here is a new one that I just thought up. Since Jerry is now part of the higher conciseness, it could not hurt to ask ole Jerry to help out if he can. (another affirmation directed at Jer)
9)Never stop believing in the return of your guitar!
If you do all of these things I believe it shall be returned. Might take a while, might happen fast. Best of luck we are all on your side waiting for the return of your guitar. Fred
 #89718  by strumminsix
Here's a story for you, John... I was about to purchase a Modulus and was in contact with the store. Today, I find out it was stolen a week back and the owner stopped in with the police, he got his guitar back and the thief is now in jail!

Good vibes!