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NashvilleMike wrote:
strumminsix wrote:I think this'd make a cool sticky! Let's get back on topic!

As I understand it, GD gear used by Non-GD bands, yes???

Maybe make it a bit broader and call it "Live Gear Sightings" and people can post reports and/or photos of gear sighted at concerts they go to.

As an example -

I saw Joe Jonas last night at this club called "The Man Hole" and he was playing this white 2008 Gibson flying V. The only mods I could see was that the guitar was not plugged in to anything.
That's some funny stuff right there. The man hole LMAO and the mod was the guitar wasn't plugged into anything. Good example...... Sorry Yes back on topic.
 #111946  by Pete B.
I saw this guitar yesterday in a shop in Astoria, Oregon... Asking $400 (I didn't buy it but I wanted to).
The one I saw had the same blade style humbuckers, but only had one coil-cut switch that functioned on both pickups.
It also had a chunky C-neck shape, very thick, very jumbo frets, and brass nut.
Possibly a "Cort" made??? [this was the only info i could find on it so far, but this thread unfolds to several other links/clues to follow...] ... ony#p29162
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Pete B. wrote:
What kind of head is this? I can't make out the blue writing.
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Manhole was also the name of a great Grace Slick solo album.