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 #21507  by kenneybonz
 Wed Aug 01, 2007 3:56 am
back in the 70s and on through even tribute bands today, there is some effect thrown on top of the jerry sound that i can describe, badly, as like a long rumbly echo.. candymans had it a lot but it was everywhere..
in the podxt where you can try out so many sounds, i think it might be a phaser and a delay
or a modulator and delay..
i have to admit :oops: that i cannot identify it.. it is a very crisp clear sound
at 3.41 time on the candyman of 6/7/77... in , like 1974 ( example 2/24/74 it sounds like it is in conjunction with a wah pedal at 3.50 time
at 3.16 time on 7/7/78
could someone help me out with this? i'm trying to play candyman and it is just so flat without it.. :?
 #21523  by kenneybonz
 Wed Aug 01, 2007 7:05 am
thanks.. i'll give it a whirl.. seems like i was close on it.. just so i have the terms right, the phaser and delay are spearate effect TYPES, right?
reason i am asking is that i think of a phaser like a chorus and a delay as some other type of effect entirely..
so if that's the case, when could i hear a delay , era wise, song wise and what kind was he using..
i know these are dumb questions, but i appreciate the answers a whole lot... tom 8)

 #21531  by myoung6923
 Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:38 am
yes they are most definitely separate types of effects entirely. A phaser sort of modulates the EQ in a sweep and you can control the rate of the sweep. some types you can control other parameters such as depth and so on... set on a high rate the phaser can sound similar to a leslie speaker or a tremelo type of sound.

Delay is similar to an echo. You can control the amount of delay (echo), rate, length of repeat of the delay and much more. Used just subtley it can add depth to your tone. A little higher setting can give leads a nice spacey, live room type of sound - and high settings can get really wacky with crazy echos.