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 #13138  by ssrythm
 Fri Feb 23, 2007 5:31 pm
My boogie footswitch dosen't work anymore. I am going to take it to a repair dood I know and see what he can do. I also have the Ibanez 202AD, and I'd like the capability of footswitching between the delay and flanger on there. It takes a 1/4in jack that looks the same as the boogie switch. Which switch out there do I need to be looking for to use on the Ibanez; and which switch for the Boogie if I can't get mine fixed? Thanks.E OH boogie DC5 switch changes b/t clean and drive channels.

 #13153  by strumminsix
 Sat Feb 24, 2007 9:29 am
I've interchanged footswitches without problem.
IF it's 1 button it's a mono 1/4" cable, 2 button is a stereo 1/4" cable.

 #13154  by myoung6923
 Sat Feb 24, 2007 10:09 am
Boss makes 2 switches that can be used for a variety of applications. They both use 1/4" inputs so you can use a regular guitar cable to connect the switch to your effect/amp.

The Boss FS-5L is a latching switch - which means that when you step on the switch it opens a connection and leaves it open until you step on it again to close it. This is the kind that you would usually use to switch amp channels. It also has an LED indicator on it to show when it's activated.

The Boss FS-5U is an unlatchesd switch. When you step on it it just momentarily opens until you take your foot off. This is the kind commonly used with effects - I use one with a Boss Giga delay to change between presets (my delay is mounted on a panel on my rack).

They are both about 25$ and work great.