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 #163842  by 19deadhead65
 Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:01 pm
Hi, so in my Strat I have an HSH configuration with some really cheap pickups and I've wanted to get some new ones so what should I get? I know Jerry used an Sds 1 and two Super 2s. But I see Dimarzio now offers Super Distortions and Super 2s, any differences, or preferences? Also, any specific switches to split the coils?
 #163844  by waldo041
 Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:00 pm
they also have dual sounds(same as a super distortion with no switch) that come with a switch.

Jerry played a lot of pickups, super 2's and an sds1 in the neck are only certain years some pickups went months or even days. If you are digging a certain tone of his, shoot in that direction! why would you go any other? If you want your own sound with some Jerry sprinkled in, that comes down to how well you can cop his approach to the instrument. You don't need any pickups, speakers amps or effects to get there first. An acoustic should do the trick in that regard. You need to know the vocabulary he was using at that time as well. The rabbit hole is long and deep, not light and not cheap. The Mouth of the Beast is a real deal and is like chasing the dragon in that it can be very addictive and expensive hobby. Know that he used a strategic guitar setup to his exact specs both physical and wiring. First he found his guitar setup with Alligator, then moved to the wiring with Wolf and the Beans and Effects live, then Tiger and the Rosebud and finally Bolt HOWEVER, for the majority of all that it was a modified Fender Twin Reverb preamped out into a McIntosh into JBL speakers. I have been researching all this for much too long to try and lead you astray. IMHO Want to sound like Jerry, first learn to play with his feel and touch, then get the gear closest to what he was using at the time for the extreme right side of this argument, or you can just turn knobs and get all those tones just by simply knowing his vocabulary on the instrument, which is the extreme left of the argument. In that regard pick any pickup you want because Jerry sounded like Jerry on whatever he played. The choice is all yours on what pickups you are after, what do your ears tell you that you are after? what lines or runs , what shows, What are you trying to sculpt?

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 #163858  by Jon S.
 Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:20 pm
The advice you've gotten so far is excellent.

More specifically, you wrote:

>> in my Strat I have an HSH configuration with some really cheap pickups and I've wanted to get some new ones so what should I get?

If the immediate or short term, if I were you (I'm not so decide for yourself!), I'd consider a Dual Sound in the bridge slot, a Super 2 in the neck slot, each getting its own 3-way minitoggle to give, for each PUP, the choice of north coil (or tap, whichever is accurate in this case), full humbucker, and south coil (or tap). This is how my own Tiger is wired for its bridge and neck PUPs (middle Super 2, too). I really like the versatility.

For the middle single coil, that what you have now is cheap is not necessarily the deciding factor. Cheap gear can sound good and expensive gear not. The real question is, do you like how it sounds now? If yes, keep the stock single coil. If no, replace it. You can use the search function here for lots of discussion on Strat PUP options.

If you do the work yourself, the Dual Sound and Super 2 will run you around about $70 @ new, possibly much less used. A set of 3 Fender Custom Shop single coils, new, runs around $200. You could probably find an appropriate middle one alone used for less than a third of that. The minitoggles, I'm guessing off the top of my head, will be $10-$20 each. Just get the right kind (on on on -or- on off on: the wiring diagram you follow should specify which). If you have a tech do it for you, add the cost of perhaps an hour of bench time.

Then you can have your cake and eat it, too (a guitar that is closer to the tones in your head for not too much scratch while you continue to work on your chops).
 #164164  by tcsned
 Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:56 pm
I was chasing down some microphonic feedback issues with my Wolf and had a Barden Two-Tone humbucker to see if that helped. It didn't solve the problem but I got to try the Barden out in my Dead rig to see if it held up. I really liked the full humbucker tone, both clean and driven. The coil-tapped (actual coil tap and not a split coil) setting I really loved the over driven tone, also killer with a low gain setting on the Earth Drive. The clean sound is different - dunno if it's just a difference in pickups or if it's the difference between a split-coil and a coil-tapped humbucker. I like it but as of now I'm finding great for chord strumming and less edgy than I'd like for lead playing. I'll keep it in for now, I may put the Super II back in or I may swap out the other two pickups for Bardens. It's cool to hear the differences changing one variable or ingredient in the mix and seeing what changes, what's good. what's bad and so on.
 #164166  by SellaV93
 Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:18 pm
Your main pickup for jerry stuff is going to be the middle one. There is a great thread going on about flat-pole single coils right now on this board, that has me re-thinking my whole deal. Something I never noticed on virtually every Strat sized single coil Jerry used excluding SDS-1's...Excellent observation there Waldo!