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 #163596  by LongStrangeJam
Hi everyone,
I have a couple of questions that the internet can't seem to answer me, so I thought I'd come to the smartest gearheads I know. I realize that some of these questions have probably been answered before, but the buffer talk on this forum is extensive, and frankly being uncultured in the buffer world makes all this stuff a little confusing. Mainly the knowledge on this forum over the years is extremely impressive but I know little to nothing so any help would be extremely appreciated. :hail:

1) I have been thinking about adding an ab switch to the rig, where I can switch between two inputs on my amp that would give +/- 6db, kind of like an amp boost. The other way that I could do this would just simply getting a boost or blaster pedal, but my question is will the pedal boost give extra crunch as it is coming into the amp at a louder signal? The amp switch will just make the rig louder, but I'm wondering if the boost pedal will kick the tubes into a little bit more overdrive. I have no preference, just curious on the differences.

2) My second question(s) is about buffers, which has probably been answered before but finding it in this forum is hard when there is so much buffer talk. So my question is what is the difference between putting the buffer before and after the pedals (I do not have an OBEL system but I have an effects loop pedal that can block the path of all the pedals and go straight to the amp, but I do use pretty long cables)? Also, some of the previous buffer topics are a little outdated, so my second question is which external (pedal) buffer would you guys recommend that is essentially under the $150 range? I have seen a bunch on this forum but those posts were from a while ago and I'm not sure if anything has changed.

I apologize for the lengthy post, but I would greatly appreciate any responses from the people who know this stuff the best. Thank you!!
 #163611  by Jon S.
You can find all of the answers you're seeking through a half hour or so using the Search function here but I'm happy to take a quick stab at your questions to help get you started on them.

1) It depends. For most tube amps (and probably some non-tube ones, too), assuming your guitar's volume is dimed or close to it, I'd expect that, yes, goosing your input to the amp with a boost pedal will add overdrive, compression, or even distortion to your tone.

2) I don't know why anyone (especially anyone using it for Jerry tone) would want to place his buffer anywhere but as close to his pickups' output as feasible/possible/desired, the exception being if your rig includes a pedal that doesn't want to "see" a buffered signal. Putting a buffer at the end of your signal chain would seem to defeat its purpose. Regarding an external buffer pedal, before you spend anything on one, investigate the pedals you already own as many pedals, e.g., most Boss pedals, whether on or off (i.e., non-true bypass pedals) are already buffering your signal.
 #163623  by LongStrangeJam
Ok great that helps a ton thanks! Anyone know/recommend of any recent/still in production external buffers?
 #163626  by kurt eye
I had issues with the CAE buffer in my guitar OBEL set up. I got fed up and decided to remove it. Right now I'm just using a tc electronics bona fide buffer pedal I bought on ebay for $40. It works fine. I primarily need it for my envelope filter. I don't miss the OBEL set up at all.