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 #161767  by caspersvapors
Looking for opinions here as I am exploring the option of putting a 12" in my Princeton Reverb.

What do you think is a better match for a Princeton Reverb? The K120 seems like a lot of wattage for the 15w amp, but its more affordable than the D.

As I understand it, the TT Purple Haze is meant to emulate the sound of a JBL being pushed (basing this all on what Ive read, never heard one in person).

I am not trying to make my Princeton a deafening clean machine, just trying to get in the realm of Jerry-ish tones - this has me leaning a bit toward to the D or Purple Haze.

 #162631  by caspersvapors
TeeJay wrote: Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:17 pm Cool man. I think you will be pleased.
Just arrived off ebay, looks to be original and in good condition. I stuck it in my Princeton Reverb and its...not that loud? And not that bright either?

I have the amp on 10 and Im sitting 3 ft in front of it. Not blowing my ears out and able to get some pretty great natural OD sounds.

I had an eminence blue frame alnico in there and I am able to turn up the volume and treble more with the JBL. Go figure - had heard so much about JBLs, theyre loud, efficient, bright etc...or is there something wrong with mine?
 #162737  by caspersvapors
So I just sent this speaker out to be reconed, but here is what it sounded like before.

This is with my Princeton Reissue cranked (you can see the settings in the vid), going straight in. Guitar is an Epiphone Riviera with mini humbuckers: