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 #161761  by FourFingerWarrior
I went to Alpine this past weekend and i am not just review the webcast. John's play three fender amps and on Even So hey bust out a cream Silver Sky!!! That's as far as i have gotten but does anyone else have any more info on there rigs?
 #161762  by Rob303
Amps are Alessandro handwired Fender Deluxe Reverbs with JBL D120s.
 #161763  by Gr8fulCadi
I was at the Alpine Saturday show and thought it was awesome!! The venue was great and kind of provided an old school vibe imo.
John played the Super Eagle for Most of the show but in the middle for a few tunes played a silver PRS (don’t know model) dual humbucker axe. That thing screamed and pushed those DR’s very well. The tone did not get thin with that axe but as Brad has stated in other posts, did get thin with the Super Eagle when pushing it during solo peaks. It sounded more Jerry tho than the Silver PRS.

Also, I did not find any of that Saturday show slow in tempo except for the encore, One more Saturday Night. Sure it’s not 80’s dead tempo but it seemed more up beat than other shows this year. I’d see em again. Good vibes!!
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 #161764  by brianb
The silver PRS dual-humbucker is a McCarty 594 with push / pull coil taps. On this tour, Mayer's McCarty has the 58/15JM pickups which are exclusive to the Super Eagle models. McCarty 594s normally come with stock PRS 58/15 pickups. The 58/15JM pickups are similar but custom wound to be slightly different. I'm purely guessing that PRS either gave him a set of pickups or he pulled a set out of one of his other Super Eagles.
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