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 #160873  by Chuckles
I posted this in the garage sale, but maybe it’ll get more views here...
Hey folks...

So, I got a good friend in a very prominent JGB band (met him here, actually) that is interested in some gear I have, but I have no idea what the value is... soooo, we agreed to throw it out to y’all and see what ya thought fair market value was.

Got two e120s, one original, one reconed (in a generic cab) and a Twin that had all the Jerry pre-amp mods made to it, top of the line caps and other goodies.

If you guys could give a suggestion as to a value range, it would be greatly appreciated!
 #160874  by mgbills
If you don't mind me asking who did the amp mods?

E120's are $200 each on Ebay. $125-$150 if you are patient and watch CL. Loaded cab? $500 would be a Brah-deal. $700-$900 would still be considerably cheaper than a HT.

If the Twin was modded by Waldo (Maestro), I'd estimate that at $2500 with a rebuild, recap & Waldo secret sauce. I would bet my teeth that it's better than right. If it has the F2B mod to the normal channel I'd say it could go up from there by $2-300. The prominent JG band player I know already has a Maestro.

If the Twin has the mods from Dozin / RuKind then it's what the market will Bear. :-) There are a lot of Twins out there. Un-modded noisy old SF Twin can go as low as $300. If it's tasty $1500? Does it crank the Jerry goodness? NOS tubes? Is it quiet? If that other guy , who visits this board for 2 posts annually (and takes 3-4 years to do anything ) touched it I'd be personally less than enthusiastic. No slight intended to you. If you had a good experience then fantastic. You are in the minority.

I know there are quality amp-savvy people on this board, and there are a smattering of great amp techs out there around the country. From those folks I'd bet there some better than great modded Twins in play in the GD world. So it's all about the ears of the player. The Maestros are the best, and in my opinion that statement is beyond dispute. I know from experience. Others can be very good, and pre-amped into a Mc they can be great. Much like an SMS rig, which is equally fabulous.

If I were in the market, and serious about buying from somebody here, I think these stated prices are in the ballpark.
 #160876  by Chuckles
Thx for the hit back. Pls pm me with some info on who you are talking about w/bad rep... he’ll, I haven’t posted in quite a while... cancer, she’s prone to do that to people.

I have never driven the head as a power amp, just a pre... and it sparkles.