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 #158927  by Chirodead
While I am very clear why the effects Loop is there, I have a question regarding the second Jack from the guitar to the amp.
When Jerry played in this fashion, did he have any pedals on the other end of the channel just going from the guitar into the amp?

I'm about to purchase a great replica with the obel. I currently use 2 Pedal boards. The first board has my wah, compressor, clean boost, a drivetone 2, moded tube screamer and a volume.
The second board has all other modulation effects on an 8 channel chain with switches and all effects getting full power from a voodoolabs.
At first i thought i could put the modulation board in the loop and leave the drive board til after, but then i thought that may defete the purpose of the loop.
Also, my delay is the last effect on the modulation board and it seems weird to have the modulation stuff cone before the tone stuff.

So, i can put both boards together and run them through the loop. My only thought is, when would i ever want to turn the loop off? I preffer to play through a conpressor at all times so i would not just want clean guitar into amp that i can think of except when using the piezo.
So my question is did Jerry put anything in his guitar out to the amp or was it all in the loop? When would he switch his loop off? Or do any of you people play with any pedals between the guitar and the amp line or do you keep everything in your effects loops?
I'm so sorry to write an entire story about this but I want to make sure I know what I'm doing.
 #158928  by MattMan
Jerry had the axe output direct to the amp. Remember the purpose of the OBEL is to have the effects receive pre volume pot full gain from the pups, and assuming your axe has a buffer, you will run a long chain of effects in the effects loop, keeping the delay pedal last. If compression is key to your tone when your effects are on or off, then the compressor can be the one effect that is not part of the effects of loop, so you'd put it in between the axe output and the amp, but you should experiment and test if the compression works best in the effects loop. Jerry did not use any compression. Hope this helps.