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 #158214  by franklins_timmy
Have a Fender Frontman 25r sitting around. It's always been a pretty decent ss practice amp with some nice cleans. Have been messing around with it lately and started looking around about it. Came across several instances where people changed the op amps and got some decent results. They swapped the original TL072 op amps with OPA2134PAs. They claim the amps noise goes down significantly and the cleans even get a bit better. What does everyone think, will this make any difference? I know it's just a low end ss amp but the mod is inexpensive and I've always thought it had nice cleans. So I figured if it would make an improvement I might do it. Thoughts?

 #158215  by TeeJay
It may be inexpensive parts but a fair amount of labor just to get to the board, and I have never had a fun time desoldering a pcb. Not trying to talk you out of it, just also weigh the time and headache cost. If you decide to tinker I would be curious on the results. I bought that 25r for my young son trying to get him into guitar. It didn't work. Currently he thinks an ipad is a musical instrument. :?
 #158219  by franklins_timmy
Thanks again TeeJay. Let you know if I end up doing it. Have had it for at least ten years and always thought it had nice cleans for what it is. Nice to play on around the house or take to a buddy's. Quite a while back I put a Ragin Cajun in it and think it improved a fair amount. I think the amp has a Jerry tone vibe/feel to it, not so much getting as close to the tone as one would want but just a feel to it. If that makes any since. So I thought what the hell, if this quiets it down and makes the cleans a bit cleaner maybe I'll do it. Damn Ipads, ha. Maybe he'll come around to it one day.