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 #157945  by Jeffarons
So, long story short - my buddy, who is a Jerry player, got hold of an Anthony Coscia (user: ac4468) built guitar which is one of his prototypes and designed to replicate the electronics of Jerry's Tiger. I love playing the Dead, but I'm not a full Jerry player, but I checked it out. After just a few days, I had to purchase it. ... 0.png?dl=0 - here's a pic of it.

I can't stress enough how much I love this guitar. I had been playing an American made Strat for 20 years and I wasn't really in the market for a new guitar. But after playing it, I had to have it. Aside from the solid Jerry tone it gets going into my twin reverb, I can get a great Bobby tone, and also toss on some overdrive to play like some of my other influences, like Trey, Allmans, Stones, Floyd, Clapton...etc. The neck is thicker and longer than my Strat and it just has such a nice solid feel as you would expect from a custom made guitar. Has a great bite to it. Not to mention I think it looks great too.

Anthony makes himself available anytime to talk about the guitar. Great guy. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for custom made guitar to contact Anthony, even if you aren't necessarily a full Jerry or Bobby player.