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 #157680  by bzbz
Good morning - 2 simple questions for you wizards who I love!

-I have been using a Fender head (essentially a 100-watt twin head) into 2x12 with JBL K120s - the ohms match at 4. If I disconnect one of the speakers, then the amp is 4 ohms and the speaker is 8 ohms - I know a tube amp can easily do this - but should I? Would I get a more pronounced sound, driving the speaker better?

-I use the 2nd input on the Fender head - figuring that the lower decibel output from it would enable me to drive the amp harder by turning it up more. Does this make sense, or am I not engaging in "best practice"?

I appreciate you guys!
 #157681  by aiq
My fav rig is a 50 watt Bassman into a 1x12 Weber Cali ceramic with the 4>8 mismatch. Works well.

Not to put words in his mouth but Kimock has said over on Gear Page that on a Fender circuit that kind of mismatch can lower the volume of the sweet spot.

Some good threads over there on this idea.