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 #156978  by Heavycream
I rewired a Phiga Bolt this past weekend. I basically gutted it and got 3 super 2's and all new premium components. I wired a tap for each pickup via the mini switches and added a push pull tone knob to activate the obel. I am having some trouble with the 5 way selector. The neck pickup and bridge are not able to be controlled by either tone knob. I obviously am missing something somewhere. I tried to use Wald's schematic with no luck. By the way, Wald, the preamp sounds great and Thank You! Does anybody have a schematic to follow? Or a link to a good thread for help. I greatly appreciate anybody's help in this matter.

Thank You
 #156983  by hippieguy1954
Heavycream wrote:Image

So the Wald preamp would go into "A" with the jumper?
Correct, but you do not need the jumper. :smile: