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 #155948  by smd1973
I love the modified Wolf body that Matt Moriarity was doing as his custom guitar. Does anyone out there have one of these guitars they can share photos of? I've seen Stu Allen and darkstarcrashes guitars but are there any others out there? Unfortunately the galleries at Matts website don't seem to be working so the photos on his site are limited.
 #156136  by toddrichman
I was speaking with Doug from Mountain Cat Guitars on Wednesday. He had become the dealer for Moriarty. He is also friendly with Matt Moriarty. Unfortunately, he is not building guitars anymore at this time. I was calling to place an order for 2 Wolfs, 1 with 3 single-coils and one with the '78 set-up. I am looking at Scarlet Fire now. I think Leo is doing a really good job with these...I also considered Phiga but am I correct that Leo is a better option?
 #156140  by tcsned
I've got a Scarlet Fire Wolf and I love it. If you have any questions about Leo's work let me know. He's building some great guitars :hail: :hail: :hail:
 #156141  by RiseandFall
I haven't done business with Phiga, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that Leo does exceptional work.
His attention to detail is unmatched. Great at communicating with the buyer as well.

Bill in Atlanta
 #156144  by HeadSpace
Another endorsement for Leo. I have a wolf he built. It's hard to imagine anyone building a nicer one.
 #156145  by jalevinemd
Leo built me a Tiger. His build quality and attention to detail are amazing. Can't recommend him highly enough.