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 #155871  by dizzzydre21
Recently, I was watching the Sunshine Daydream DVD as I occasionally do. It is one of my favorite Dead shows of my favorite Dead era. I noticed that they were using these mics on vocals that I hadn't seem them use before. They look like small diaphragm condensers. It looks like the same mics are used for Billy's overhead (one mono mic?), which furthers my suspicions. Now, I do some recording and live sound so this has me curious as to what model of microphones these are. I have looked pretty carefully through different angles of Bill's drum setup and it looks like the one on his kit is the only one, but his cymbals are coming through quite well. Could it be a mic with replaceable capsules and the one on his set is an omni-directional capsule?

Any thoughts on this would be super cool!
 #156725  by zambiland
They used EV mics on almost everything back in those days, especially the RE16, RE15, etc., when everyone else was using SM57s and 58s. They sound pretty good, but these days, there are other options.