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 #154237  by playingdead
Looked like Bobby was playing a Huss and Dalton MJC acoustic the other night at the Cap ... they are one of my favorite acoustic builders, nice folks from Staunton VA. Anyone got any details? Looks like a cedar top to me.


The MJC is a pretty full-sized acoustic, 16 inches across but more of a small jumbo shape, comfortable on the couch. I'm a Huss and Dalton dealer so can always get kind prices for fellow Heads :-)

Here's a video someone posted, not sure how long it will be up. ... 6.mp4?dl=0
 #154247  by jackevorkian
As charming as that little Martin is that he has been showing up with lately, I'm glad he's pulling out something a little fuller sounding. I just bought a used Taylor GC7, which has a cedar top and rosewood back and sides...after years of eschewing all things Taylor, I really feel for the sound of the cedar top on this thing. Great acoustic tone wood.
 #154260  by Maybeck09
Great choice in Huss and Dalton. I had one (DM with Adirondack top) and really loved the craftsmanship and sound/feel. I toured their place several years ago in Staunton and found them to be great guys, just doing their thing. Glad to see Bobby out with one. He looks pretty comfortable with it.
 #154340  by pablomago
I was wondering what that guitar was. Thanks! H&D make some great guitars.