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 #10698  by Erictw83
 Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:32 pm
I've been thinking about purchasing a midi guitar setup for my guitar and i was wondering if anyone had ideas/opinions/suggestions/experiences on the matter. I've read that the midi pickups are really sensitive and can be difficult to set up correctly. Also, is the midi setup really worth the money or do the synth sounds get old?
I'm currently looking at the Roland Gk-3 hexaphonic pickup and the Roland GI-20 Midi interface, which i will initially get patches from digital synths and samples (Reason 2.5) on my computer.

 #11897  by DreamNightWind
 Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:23 am
I'm also looking into MIDI guitar. I was checking out the Axon converter ... icle&sid=1 with a Graftek pickup system. I don't know much about this stuff yet, but was steered this way by my guitar tech/luthier, he's used it before and likes it.

Any info lurking out there? Is this really better than the Roland gear? Does the Roland box have internal sounds that I'll miss out on if I use Axon, and are the Roland's sounds anything special?

 #13329  by daddyo
 Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:42 am
I have been using a godin xtsa with rmc pickup and is synth-ready with a roland 13 pin out.
I love it. years ago (mid eighties) I had an midi rig and I stopped using it because tracking was so bad.
But with this one I have never overrun it. It is very sensitive and sometimes you may get accidental (false) notes.
I have it setup so I go from the guitar to a GR-33 with the 13 pin cable then the GR as a guitar out (dry guitar) and stereo synth output. I route the guitar out to guitar input on a digitech GNX4 and then put the stereo out of the GR to R/L line input on the GNX4. Then stereo out from from GNX to a mixer and my amps (wish I had a PA...)
This setup lets me do live looping of the synth or guitar. I really enjoy this setup and find that hearing myself and coming back to play leads over chords and/or bass lines has made me a better player.
I do find though that allthough there is an infinite number of tones / patches available through this setup I tend to stay with a smaller selection of ones I really like. (standup bass, breathy sax, wichita pipes, grand piano, horns, strings...)
I admit there are alot of patches that I dont like or get tired of but there are some are way cool.
for both the GR-33 and GNX4 there are many patches available on the net
I have read from some of the forums below that the built in RMC/piezo track much better the the gk3s and you dont have to worry about if you put it in the right place its aready there...

here are some other forums or resources ... synth.html


 #13335  by daddyo
 Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:57 am

I haven't tried that I check tonight and see...

Thanks for the suggestion, I should try a powered monitors and see how they respond.