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 #111542  by broesau
Here is the one going up for auction in May. It's not the one we see in that picture from 78 or 79. Crazy inlays and notice the scalloped nut. "Jerry unfortunately found the guitar too heavy to use onstage." I've owned a musician, they're heavy, but wasn't Tiger like 13 lbs., how heavy is this thing?
 #111551  by Mr.Burns
Probably not as heavy as Tiger. But that sounds much better than "Thank you, no."
 #111553  by tigerstrat
Definitely not the one he performed with, but notice the OBEL is there. Thanks for the HU.
 #111556  by seamones
First I have heard of Hasselberger, is it he who has owned it/played it for 34 years?
 #111558  by mkaufman
Folks: this is NOT the Ibanez prototype made for Jerry. This is one of the three Ibanez MC5000's ever made. Jerry's prototype Ibanez Musician is pictured on page 74 of The Untold Story and is the same guitar that Jerry is shown playing here:


This auction is a total misrepresentation and should be stopped!

Scroll down and you'll see another one here:


I'm not sure who owns the 3rd one.

 #111562  by broesau
Do you have a picture of the one from the Ibanez book? As many times as I've seen that picture of Jerry playing the Ibanez I've never noticed that 4th EQ knob, at least that's what it looks like. I agree that this is one of the 3 MC5000, but I can see how it could be made for Jerry with the OBEL and the scalloped nut.
 #111605  by tigerstrat
I can see how it could be made for Jerry with the OBEL and the scalloped nut.
the MC5000 pictured in mkaufmann's Mr. Ibanez link has the OBEL-associated jack, so perhaps that's "standard" for all three MC5000's ... too low-res to tell about he nut.

I've just gotta get into the downstairs of the (Portland's) Roseland Ballroom sometime soon, and snap a capture that 8x10 photo hanging on the wall from 6/25/78. Been about 7-8 years since I've seen a show there... any Portlanders headed there soon? Bring your camera and find that photo in the downstairs bar.

Mike K, what's The Untold Story, an Ibanez historical book?
 #111615  by TI4-1009
For Sale: One guitar that J. Garcia turned down. Asking $50,000.
 #111695  by seamones
BUT what about Weir's LOA? I guess it could be true that they made it with Jerry in mind, Jerry looked at it, said its too heavy, and gave it to one of the crew? 100% speculation and conjecture.
 #111737  by jeffm725
I have no doubt that this guitar was made for Jerry. Was it the one he played live a few times? No. But this guitar was absolutely designed with jerry in mind. Even Orval who owns one of the 3 calls it the "Jerry Garcia guitar". Jerry didnt play it live for whatever reason, who knows, maybe he didnt like how busy the fretboard and headstock were compared to the one he DID play.I even mentioned this in my post about the auction last week: I wonder if this will be the Ibabez he played onstage or the one with the Ornate fretboard". Well we got our answer: its the one with the Ornate fretboard.

Bobby's wording may not be 100% historically correct, but I don't see anything glaring. I have no doubt that this was an Ibanez designed for Jerry, the auction is not misleading, it is not claiming it was "stage played".If you make one, why not 2 or 3?

Next question, who has the stage played one?!!!