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 #172340  by Tacosauce
So I’ve decided to move away from the MuTron again. For the past 16 years or so I’ve wavered back and forth between the HAZ MuTron III+ and the big box QTrons. Each time I have the QTron I convince myself that it’s not quite right and that I’d be happier with the HAZ. Then I get the HAZ and after a couple months I begin scouring the interwebs for another Q. And repeat. Since 2006, I’ve gone through 3 of each.

Anyhow- I listed my most recent MuTron on Reverb last night and am in the market again for another envelope filter, and as I’m new to this group and I know there’s a ton of knowledge on here regarding these things, I wanted to ask: what envelope filter/auto wah are you using or would you recommend to someone who has already gone down the road described above? Are the nano Q trons worth a look? Is that Fender “Pour Over” worth a damn? Any others that I might not have considered but are your favs? My budget is up to $400.

Thanks for the help!
 #172341  by Jon S.
Tacosauce wrote: Sun Jan 16, 2022 9:24 amFor the past 16 years or so I’ve wavered back and forth ...
I hope what I contribute here is helpful. I know it's not precisely what you asked for but I am trying to be of assistance.

Quite a bit of behavioral pyschology research has been done into the cognitive issues associated with decisionmaking. You can readily learn more through simple word searches if you wish. But one of the bottom lines is that people who make decisions relatively quickly (i.e., with sufficient but not overwhelming research into the available options) and then stick with their choices are happier (demonstrate increased utility, a behavioral economist would say) as compared to people who agonize over their decisions and flip flop on them afterwards. So my advice is it doesn't much matter which of the several all fine options you choose - more important is you own your choice, learn how to use it, stick with it, and enjoy it.
 #172342  by TI4-1009
Envelope filters have been discussed to death here over and over and over. Try a few searches and then come back with a question?

Musitronics Mu-tron is the gold standard, but currently well over your budget.
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 #172343  by Tacosauce
I understand they’ve been discussed “to death”. Just trying to get some input from those who either never spoke up previously or maybe have something new to add. That’s all.
And there’s no way I’m popping down the price for a musictronics pedal even if I did have the $1500
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 #172344  by lbpesq
Have you looked at Mike Beigel’s current unit, the Mu-Tron Micro-Tron IV? (Mike is the guy who designed the original iconic Mu-Tron III and the EHX Micro Q-Tron). It’s the best unit currently available to get the Jerry sound, IMHO.

Bill, tgo
 #172345  by Jon S.
Hey, Tacosauce, no worries, your question is a good one worth asking. Re: the response to first check out what's already posted here on the topic and come back with more specific questions, the person who made it is a good guy who you can be sure means well. Image
 #172346  by Tacosauce
TI14- for sure. I’m a fan of snark, and also a fan of not reinventing the wheel. TBH I did go back into the vault and checked out a couple old threads, and I’ve also gone down the you tube rabbit hole more times than I’d like to admit trying to learn about these things and what gives the best wah for the buck. Im no pro, or a gigging musician, just playing here at home for the most part, so there’s no need for me to beat my brain endlessly about this- it’s just that I have this habit, when it comes to this particular effect, to always think the grass might be greener.

And yea Bill, thanks for that suggestion. That one is actually on the top of my list, along with the analogue man. I’ve never played one, but I’ve seen enough trusted people using them to believe they gotta be worth the $. I like the amount of space it takes up as well.

Ok, back to football. Enjoy your Sunday folkz
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 #172347  by jackevorkian
I have the Mike Biegel MuFX MicroTron III, which is - I assume - basically the same as the current Mutron Micro IV. MuFx was briefly his brand name before acquiring the rights to work under the Mutron name again. It sounds pretty much the same as my original Mutron III that I sold shortly after getting the MuFx. It needs a boost before it to get it triggering properly. I've heard the new IV also needs/benefits from a boost as well. The Analogman triggers much easier and sounds pretty close to my ears for the Jerry settings on the Mutron. But, I've never really been a purist when it comes to getting the Jerry tones. I can't play like him, so it sounds weird when the tone is spot on, but the playing ain't.
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 #172348  by Jon S.
Rereading this thread, I keep thinking of George Harrison's quoting of Lewis Carroll on his last album: "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." It's not the perfect analogy, I know. But when you've already tried a self-described variety of roads over a 16 year period (and some of the roads multiple times), at what point, respectfully, should the salient question be where are you going?! Try a MuTron IV now. If that doesn't do it for you, go back to the pedal you've already tried that you liked the best and play. And now I shall do the same!

 #172349  by Jon S.
P.S. And now for the substance.

I've used a grand total of 3 different e-filters over the past 40 some odd years.

The first was a Boss T-Wah. That was not voiced at all like for Jerry tone. It was a funk machine that served its purpose for that nicely. I stopped using it about 12 years ago and sold it last year.

The second was the Tron Up model on my Line 6 M13. I think I started using this one around 12 years ago. It was fine for my purposes. Below is a sample of me using it just to show what it sounded like. Was it Jerry's exact tone? No. And I never had anyone who heard it, fellow musician or audience member, ever say to me, "The song was good but your envelope filter wasn't Jerry enough!"

I'm now using a MuTron IV. I don't have a recording to share now but I can tell you, what I love about it is how forgiving it is of transient spikes. It's almost like it has a limiter built in to avoid all harshness. And it gets those "vowel" tones. And I like the small footprint.
 #172356  by Tacosauce
Well, my MuTron sold last night so it’s time to act- after going back through some of the old threads again, and listening to the wisdom here, I’m gonna go with the Micro-Tron IV. Although I did see some of those All Pedals Macrodose EFs on Reverb, which look very interesting (the artwork alone makes
me wanna macrodose) but also very complicated. And as I’ve never played one myself and couldn’t find anyone who had experience with one here, I’m gonna stick with the microtron. I would still be interested to hear from anyone who has played one of the macrodoses before though, just in case I’m still not thrilled with the new pedal.
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Digging this page, I’m glad to have the ability to pick the brains of like minded folkz.
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 #172358  by NeilG1
I think you've made a great choice. One thing I find with the micro-tron -- it's got a huge "sweet spot" relative to a lot of other EFs for Jerry tones. I find it a bit easier to dial in.
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 #172359  by Chocol8
I would say if you don’t like the tones from the Microtron IV, the problem isn’t with the pedal. It does the Jerry Mutron sound as well as anything.
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