#15110  by d-v-s
What are the chords for the doo-doo-doo part at the end of this song (original recording from American Beauty - key of F please). I think I've got most of it, but I'm not sure about a couple of chors. I'm sure I could figure it if I had the time, but if someone's already got it, can you please help a brother out??

The way I hear it is:
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Do do Dooooo
Do-do-do Dooooo
F      Dm       Bb     F
Do  Do Do-Do Do Doo Do-Doooo
      F              Bb      F
Do-do-dooo  do-do-do doo  do do
F         G     Bb      F
doo do do-do do dooo do dooo
      F         G     Bb      F
do-do doo do do-do do dooo do do

I'm not so sure about that Dm in there. Also the Bb-F in 4th line (F Bb F).

Can anybody verify these for me, or make any suggestions?

 #15111  by BlobWeird
Looks right to me. The Dm and all.

 #15123  by reccstermatt
yep thats the version I play, this song is amazing.