#44823  by mchljsph
I first want to hear what truckin (specifically the outro) you all think is the best and by best I mean with the most tension building. My all time favorite is 1973-12-19 Dicks Picks 1. Second, I wanted to see if anyone knows the correct tab for the outro. The one tabbed on RUkind seems like it is too low. This is what I play

First 4 measure jam
e--7--------6---5--REPEAT 4x

e---16----------15-----14--REPEAT 4x

e---19----------18-----17--REPEAT 4x
What do you play?


 #44948  by Billbbill
I'm surprised there's been no bites on this one. This is what I do - when I do it -not that often.

4-26-83 is like this - a pretty nice crescendo though not necessarily my fave. I forget the date etc. but there's one where they do 2 crescendos that's propbably my favorite.


the last 16 is back to the beginning-repeat 4x

Then the same pattern starting on




the last holds 'till crescendo time

 #44951  by Billbbill
Here's the one I was talkin about - this show is a must have if you ain't got it already imho

http://ia301139.us.archive.org/1/items/ ... 03_vbr.mp3

 #44954  by tigerstrat
I play it as 3-string hybrid-picked pattern over an E7,D#7,D7 5th-string barre chord, moving my picking fingers up a string after every 4th pass.

 #44958  by old man down
Although it might be considered obvious that you would place the 3 string 7th chord on, as sort of suggested by tigerstrat, and move it around to get the effect, TAB cannot reveal this because the fingering of played notes must prevail.

Highly recommend that you work an open D 7th chord shape around as a block shape and rely on clever right hand technique to bring it home.

 #44961  by Chuckles
fwiw, I usually start the runs at

b 4
g 5

e 4
b X
g 4

e 7
b X
g 7

then bring it home with the open D7 fingering at the 14th fret E7, hitting the entire triad in a kind of Other One phrasing...


 #44967  by pappypgh
Yeah, I don't think it was ever written in stone exactly how it "oughtta be," but I do almost the same thing as Tiger Strat....

I walk the E7 > Eb7 > D7 for four times (2 total measures each time)....then move it up the fretboard doing the same chord, just higher (four times) THEN move it higher (ONLY TWO TIMES), then move it HIGHER (ONLY TWO TIMES...except on the LAST time, I do not walk down, I hang on the E7 for 1 measure, then straight E for 1 measure) then BANG!


 #44993  by strumminsix
Actually you are missing the hand off between Bobby & Jerry.

Bobby starts with the walk downs a few rounds and Jerry picks it up into a higher octabe.

And what we do is close to what TS described.


 #64638  by Tennessee Jedi
Billbbill wrote:Here's the one I was talkin about - this show is a must have if you ain't got it already imho

http://ia301139.us.archive.org/1/items/ ... 03_vbr.mp3
Hey Bill !
1) Thanks for the " outro " tab ! You nailed it good ...
2) LOVE THIS SHOW -07/31/82 Manor Downs Texas - the 2nd set just oozes Deadness ....
 #135308  by kadidog
good solid video of Jerry doing this starting at 5:22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmrraT6w-t8

Its a bit grainy, but is essentially E blues runs starting at 12th and 10th fret of the B and E string (4x), moving to 17th fret and 16th fret on the B and E string (4x), then finally onto the 21st and 19th fret on the B and E string for (4X) into the Crescendo E chord played using the F position at the 12th fret and interspersing an A bar chord between the E's. Glad to do a video if anyone is interested. Lead after that is almost all E blues and E mixolydian blues played right there at the 12th through 15th frets. Great lead in to many tunes from there